Friday, December 20, 2013

H&C, Inc. Sheet Metal Shop : FAVORITE PHOTO FRIDAY : 17

This is more a collection of photos rather than one photo.  Sometimes a few photos tell a story better than just one!

I work for my Dad at an HVAC company called H&C, Inc. It was started by his Dad (my Pop-pop) over 44 years ago.  Every year at work we have a company Christmas party where we eat really good Italian food everyone's kids run around and play together.  This year my Dad and youngest brother disappeared.  I found them in the back together in the sheet metal shop. My youngest brother is completely fascinated by everything in the shop.  Every tool, every machine.  My Pop-pop would be so proud.  My youngest brother never got to meet my Pop-pop, but is oddly the most like him.

Since today is our office Christmas party, I thought it would be a good Friday to show my favorites from last year!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Silver Springs NY Barn : FAVORITE PHOTO FRIDAY : 16

This week's Favorite Photo Friday is a picture of one of my favorite barns!  This barn is at my in-law's house in Silver Spring, NY.  I took this while we were visiting them around Christmas last year.  I have always loved barns and winter time, so combine the two and you have one awesome picture in my mind!

Want to purchase a copy of this print?  Let me know!  It is also available in black and white!