Friday, February 28, 2014

Glenelg High School Senior Photography : Landry : Senior Rep

You may recognize him from his mini session I did earlier this year.  Since Landry is my student rep, he got  a mini session and a full session.

The day of his full session the weather was being super tricky. It would be sunny, then cloudy, then WINDY then have a quick shower.  It was so much fun tho.  At one point during the session we had to sprint across the field to use a section of the bleachers once we got cloud cover.  We started out at his high school, Glenelg High, where he has spent many hours of his life playing lacrosse, watching his dad coach, watching his brothers play lacrosse and watching his sisters cheer. 

After shooting at Glenelg, we headed out to The Shrine of St. Anthony to take some photos with his awesome Jeep! 

Landry, thank you so much for being my rep.  I love you cuz!!

Glenelg Maryland Family Photography : Luca Family

I have known the Luca's for a while.  Seth was good friends with my brother in high school and Jen is my go to girl when I need a new vintage camera for my collection!  I did their family photos a few years back and was so excited when Jen contacted me to shoot Ethan's senior photos.  After talking with her we decided that it would be a good idea to split the session into half and do a mini senior session and a mini family session.  It was perfect!  I got their early to catch up a bit and get a tour of their new home.  It is their forever home so they wanted it incorporated into their photos.  I love how the photos turned out!  Here are a few of my favorites!

Thank you  Luca family for trusting me, again, to capture memories for you! 

Glenelg High School Senior Photography : Ethan

There must be something in the water in Glenelg. Something that makes boys love red jeeps and lacrosse sticks.  I had back to back sessions for Glenelg High School Seniors and they both wanted the same things incorporated into their session!

When Jen first contacted me about Ethan's session I was completely booked before the photo deadline.  I referred her to some other photographers but she insisted that I was their photographer.  The deadline for senior photos luckily got pushed back, so I was able to do them after all.  It sure is nice when clients WANT you and only you. :)

Here are my favorites from Ethan's session.

When Jen booked Ethan's session we decided to split the time spent and do half senior session and half family session.  Click here to check out their family photos!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Michael's Eighth Avenue Wedding : Tina & Corey : October 4, 2013

I have known the Compofelice family for such a long time now, that I can't remember exactly when I met them.  They live a couple houses from where my best friend lived and I'm close in age to two of the girls so I'm guessing I met them sometime in high school.  The parents, their kids and the grand kids are some of the sweetest most caring people you will ever meet in your life.  I could do an entire blog post on how much I adore this family, but lets get to the wedding.  

 I started out the day with all of the girls hanging out at Tina's house.  It was nice to have some extra time to photograph the dress and all of the fun details.

It was also nice to be able to catch up with some of the family I hadn't seen in a while.

After spending a few hours hanging out we headed over to Michael's Eighth Avenue to get ready for the ceremony and reception!  As soon as the guys were ready we got to spend a few minutes taking pictures of Corey.

The bride putting on her dress is one of my favorite parts of the pre-wedding photography.  Its the moment that it becomes real.  Becomes real for siblings, moms and the bride.  I LOVE it!

We headed out to the gorgeous gardens to grab some photos of Tina before their first look. 

I loved Tina and Corey's first look.  It was so sweet!  They were both so excited to see each other.

When it comes to the food at weddings you usually are served or they call your table number.  Tina and Corey named their tables names of songs.  So, when your song played, you got to get your food.  Such a neat idea!!

How cute is this cake topper?  I have never seen one like that before!

Tina's Dad, who is a DJ, announced their father daughter dance.  It was such a nice personal touch!

Tina and Corey, I SO enjoyed being there to capture your wedding.  It was a incredible day and I'm so happy I was a part of it.