Friday, September 27, 2013

Downtown Annapolis Parking : FAVORITE PHOTO FRIDAY : 10

This week's Favorite Photo Friday is a photo from downtown Annapolis, Maryland.  I love the story behind this photo and someday would like to print this for my garage!

So, if you know me, it is no secret that I LOVE Annapolis.  The water, the shops, the Naval Academy - it is an awesome place to spend the day!  My in-laws came to town and wanted to tour Annapolis. I gladly agreed and my hubby just rolled his eyes.  I knew some spots to park downtown by the shops, but everyone else in tow wanted to follow a GPS.  Our lovely GPS parked us no where near the downtown strip and we actually had to carry the GPS with us from the car to help us find our way to the main street.  It was quite the adventure.

I had originally taken this photo so I could look back on it, if we couldn't remember which garage we parked in.  I'm glad I did, cause it will always remind me of our adventure.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Highland Maryland Family Photos : Marshall Sisters 2012

This is so late, it is embarrassing. Oh well!  Better late than never :).

I have a big family.  A HUGE family, and I LOVE it! My Mom-mom and Pop-pop had 9 children, 3 boys and 6 girls.  There are currently 39 grand children and 23 great grand children.

One thing my family is awesome at is making traditions.  This post is about one of those traditions....

When my grandfather was alive, he would always take all of his girls out on a day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I remember my mom looking forward to this day.  They spent the day shopping and having a nice dinner and sometimes my mom would come home with flowers, sometimes she would come home with a box of her favorite candies.  He took a day and made it all about his girls.  They loved it and looked forward to it.

Now that he is gone, my Mom puts together a Christmas Brunch for her sisters every year.  It is usually held the first Saturday in December and each year has a specific theme.  My Mom prepares for this for days.  Each sister brings a dish for the brunch, they do a gift exchange and then they all go shopping.  After they are done shopping, they all go out to dinner and end up back at my Mom's where they have a sleepover.

Growing up, we all knew that "Brunch Day" meant we would be gone for the entire day.  When I was younger, my Dad used this time to take all of us kids out to breakfast and shopping.  I was spending this particular "Brunch Day" at home in my pajamas.  I started getting all of these phone calls and finally decided to listen to the voice mails.  My aunts were calling and asking me to come over and take photos of all of them together.

Each one of my aunts are so special to me and I'm so thankful to have them in my life.  My grandma is a rock star.  I love her so much.  I'm so glad I was able to do this for them.  Here are a few of my favorites! 

I hope your family has traditions and you have special memories with your loved ones.  Hold them tight.  Life goes by way too fast.


Happy Friday y'all!

I always have and always will be in love with black and white photos.  Colors can so drastically change the feel of a photo, but a black and white photo just is what it is.  It is transparent and timeless.  This photo is one of my favorites.  Black and white, a horse, a cowboy, and some sun flare - I wouldn't change a thing about it.  If I ever have a little boy one day, this is getting blown up for the nursery.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Warsaw New York Dairy Farm Engagement : Jordan & Margaret

So, so, SO excited to share Jordan & Margaret's engagement session with you!! We met up for their engagement session when we were in NY over 4th of July. 

Jordan & Margaret met while they were both working at a dairy farm.  They enjoy fishing, 4 wheeling and just spending time with the people they love.

I asked Margaret to tell me about the engagement and this is what she had to say.. "He took me out to dinner at the Red Lobster on April Fools Day and he had been playing jokes on me for a while. So, when he finally asked me, I didn’t believe him. Then he pulled out a fake ring and laughed at me because I thought it was the real thing.  Then we got in the car and he pulled out the real ring and asked me to marry him again."

Thank you both for showing me around; I had a blast.  Thank you to Jess for assisting me with this shoot!  Thank all three of you for helping this city girl see the true beauty of the country.  :)  Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

Jordan and Jess's Uncle Jack owns Keough Dairy Farm and since Jordan and Margaret met at a dairy farm, we thought this would be the perfect backdrop for their photos.

She is going to be an absolutely stunning bride!!

I have never been around so many cows in my entire life.  It. Was. Awesome!

Thank you so much Uncle Jack for letting us use your farm!! After the farm we headed to Jordan's house so we could use the corn crib.  On the way from the farm to the corn crib it poured.  Like buckets.  We got a little wet, but I'd say it was worth it!

Do you know what a corn crib is?  I didn't.  At some point of the year, that entire thing will be stacked with corn.  I believe for the cows.. I hope anyways.  :)

I took one look at this willow tree and gasped.  I LOVE willow trees.  We were done taking photos, but I talked them into a few more.  It is a good thing we captured this tree because according to the Strathern family, Mr. wants it down and Mrs. wants it to stay.  :)  The last photo is a photo from a tree in Jordan's front yard.  Can you imagine waking up to that view every day?!

Thank you again Jordan and Margaret!! I'm looking sooo forward to your wedding! :)


I'm behind on Favorite Photo Friday posts!  The past few weeks have been really busy.

I took this photo at a rodeo at J Bar W Ranch.  I love the rays of sunshine, the crowd looking on and the look of determination on the bull's face. It makes me think of the perfect summer night! :)


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ginger & Spice Vintage Rentals Launch Party : The Visitation Academy : August 22, 2013

On August 22, I had the privilege of photographing the Ginger & Spice Vintage Rentals Launch Party that was held at The Visitation Academy in Frederick, MD.  My friend, Erin Waller (owner of Magnolia Street Photography), is one of the owners of Ginger and Spice and it was such an honor to be asked to cover this event.

The Visitation Academy is such a neat venue.  It was the perfect setting for this vintage evening affair.  Ginger and Spice took full advantage of everything the Academy had to offer.  From the courtyard to the lawn to the banquet hall - no corner was without some vintage flair. 

As guests entered they were given a stylish folder that had a welcome letter, Ginger & Spice magazine and marketing provided by their preferred vendors who helped make this event happen.  Guests were then invited to browse the material  while relaxing on a vintage settee, sip a cocktail under the lights or admire a table setting while meeting a new friend. 

Here is a small glimpse of the party!  Hope you enjoy!!

I'm in love with this trunk and with the chalk art! 

The ladies at Ginger and Spice have a few themed parties already put together to save you time.  The above photo and a few below are a few pieces from their Cigar Bar Party Package.

This is just simply gorgeous. In LOVE!

This makes me want to get married again!  So beautiful!!

That was my tour of the outdoor part of the party, now on to check out the banquet hall!  How incredible is this room.  The windows, the wood floors, the stage, it is so gorgeous.  Can't you imagine your wedding here with a dessert table styled by Ginger and Spice?

Ginger and Spice Vintage Rentals offers a Candy Bar Party Package!


Stacks of china.. Oh MY GOODNESS.. This makes me not want to eat off anything but china ever again!!

Erin (left), Becca (center) and Sherry (right) pose on one of their settee's for a quick photo.
Erin & Sherry are the owners and Becca is their lovely business assistant. 

Months and months of planning and dreaming were done to make this unforgettable night happen.  Erin, Sherry and Becca, you did a phenomenal job.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it!

CATERING - Canapes Catering
HEAD PIECES - French Blue Millinery