Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Downtown Annapolis Engagement : Ruthie & Dave

I met Ruthie I think when I was 6 years old?  I don't know exactly when or how our friendship began but it has lasted for 20 years.  In middle school our parents put us on a plane to go to Europe (where her grandparent's lived) and we had a crazy amount of fun.  From accidentally gluing our hands to the pull down snack table on the plane, to forgetting our passports while trying to take a day trip, to falling asleep on a tour in Holland, that trip is FULL of amazing memories that I am so grateful to have. With Ruthie, you are guaranteed to laugh and have an adventure.  So many of my good memories in life are with her.

This Saturday she is marrying the man of her dreams, but it seems like just yesterday we were sitting in her bedroom, listening to Plus One CD's talking about our future weddings. I'm SO happy for her!

It is always fun when friends get married, but it is awesome when friends marry GREAT people.  From what I have seen of Dave, he is beyond perfect for Ruthie and I can't wait to see what they can do together in this life. 

We picked downtown Annapolis for their engagement session and even though it was a little chilly, their sunrise session was perfect.  It was such a blast!

Thank you for allowing me to help tell your story!  I can't wait for Saturday!!

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